Smoke Like the Rest, But Roll with the Best.


Thank you so much for taking a few moment to get to know me and why I started Custom Carts for the Rec Tec Grills community, and why I have this web site. 

My Name is Darren, I am a medically retired public servant. I have worked since the age 14, doing everything from cutting 6' tall snake infested brush on the river banks in West Virginia, to driving a ice cream truck in Baltimore to building million dollar homes on the water in Annapolis Md. But none of the jobs I have had in my 50+ years, has brought me the true fulfillment that working in public service did. I found a true Love and Passion in helping others, and in giving back. I was raised in a loving and supporting God fearing family that showed me the power of prayer, and taught me to believe in GOD and my fellow man.

After being forced to retire in 2004, after being injured on the job. I will not lie, I felt completely lost, and fell into a very dark place. I found myself asking "why are you even hear, what did you do today to make the world a better place, and if you died today, how would you be rememberedBy the grace of God, and the Love and support of my incredible Wife, I was able to pull myself back from the dark place, and started looking for new ways to make a different and leave a foot print in time, to tell people Darren was here in a positive and loving way.

Now, I like so many others can't sing or dance, I don't act and I am too old for professional sports. But I can weld, and I can do fabricating work, and I am good with the hands.

So now onto How DRG Custom Carts got started. So in early 2016, I started looking around to buy a quality pellet meat smoker. I spent 100's of hours searching the internet and You Tube and reading reviews on different companies. Only to find one that continued to come out on top, not only for the cost and build quality, but its customer service was rated at the very top by everyone. That company was Rec Tec Grills out of Augusta Georgia. So in 2017, I pulled the trigger and purchased a RT-680 pellet smoker from them. A few days later I received the smoker, and let me say, I was blown away with the quality and build. And to top it all off in the paper work for the grill was a business card which had the personal cell phone numbers for the two owners of the company.  (NO ONE DOES THAT) but Rec Tec Grills does. Now fast forward a few months, we had two Hurricanes hit Florida and Texas, which left thousands of Americans without food, water or even shelter. In that time of heart break and despair people pulled together to help. It was at that time, I decided to build a custom cart and give it to one of the incredible people that came out to help his fellow man. That idea quickly grew into a "go fund me" campaign, in which we raised over $2000.00  dollars.  $700.00 dollars went to "OBR" and the rest to build 2 custom carts. When news of the "go fund me" hit the face book page "Rec Tec Grill owners of America" the owner of Rec Tec Grills himself, Mr Ray Carnes contacted me and donated 2 RT-680 to be placed on the carts I had built. It was at that point, I realized that Rec Tec Grills was not just a cut about his competitors, they stood alone at the top. 

Since that time, the Rec Tec community has banded together. We have built, and given away 3 carts with RT-680 smokers on them. And we have Touched, helped and moved countless Rec Tec Family members. The Rec Tec community even came together and helped me threw a very heartbreaking time, when I lost a very special pet/family member "Pepper".  Since the Rec Tec Community had been following the cart builds on face book, so many of them wanted to buy their very own custom carts. It was at that point, I realized that in order for me to be able to build carts for my new found Family, I would need to start a business, with hopes of being able to get the material cheaper, and keep everything legal, above board and by paying taxes on the products I sell. 

Now please, keep in mind, this is a new up and coming business, and with that comes growing pains and cost. I do EVERYTHING I can, to build a quality product with the best material I can find. The only real upgrade to my carts that I don't offer right now, is a powder coated finish. In order to do a powder coat finish, you need special equipment, which I can't afford at this time. But if all goes well. I will be in the future doing all powder coat finishes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read "ABOUT" me and the start of my company. God Bless you and your family. And as always "Smoke like the rest, But roll with the Best".