Smoke Like the Rest, But Roll with the Best.



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If you are someone with a big heart, and you truly feel you have been blessed in your life, and you would like an opportunity to "PAY IT FORWARD" for as little as $10.00. Then PLEASE continue to read and help support making some one's life just a little better. 

About 3 weeks ago on (5/22/2021) I was fortunate enough to be able to attend RecTeq Grills, annual RECTEQ Fest in Augusta Georgia at their world wide head quarters. This is an event that pulled thousands of people from all walks of life and hundreds of miles away to attend. This is a day of Friends, Food and Fun for the entire family. As I walked around and spoke with hundreds of people at this event, I could not help but feel completely blessed, not only for being part of the RecTeq Family, but in my personal life as well. I like most of you reading this, have a roof over our heads, a few dollars in the bank, food in our frig and a grill (or Two) on our deck. 

As you may or may not know this event that RecTeq holds is COMPLETELY 100% FREE. As I walked around and spoke to some of the people attending the event, I was AMAZED at how many people did NOT own a grills at all. Some stated that they looked forward to this event every year, because it was a chance to get some amazing grilled food that they other wise would not get to enjoy. It was at that point, I realized just how blessed I truly was.

On my long drive back home from the event, I keep trying to think of a way to give back to the family that had been so good to me, while trying to pay it forward and give those a little less fortunate then myself a chance to enjoy this life style we have all grown to love.    It was at that point the "PAY IT FORWARD" program was born.


1. You purchase a PAY IT FORWARD sticker for $10.00.

    (You can buy as many stickers as you want, there are no limits)

2. For every 40 stickers that are sold, I will do a drawing from those 40 that purchased the sticker.

3. I will personally call you on the phone, and advise you your entry was the winner. (PLEASE include your phone number when ordering)

4. At that time you tell me a name of a friend, family member, co-worker or someone you would like to give a New Bullseye B-380 to as a gift.

( I do ask that you PLEASE pick someone that does not already own a grill)

5. I will contact RecTeq Grills and place the order for the grill, and they will send it directly to them from you. ( Or you can choice to remain anonymous.)

6. Then for your participation in the Pay It Forward program. You will receive 1 FREE Bottle of B-Mo's Awsome sauce of your choice of flavors, directly from Brandon Morris himself. As his way of saying thank you and paying it forward himself. 

  So Please join in and help PAY IT FORWARD for someone that might other wise not be able to enjoy this Amazing life style. Keep in mind you have a 1 in 40 chance of being the winner. Those are AMAZING odds, so PLEASE help spread the love. And as Always. (SMOKEY LIKE THE REST, BUT ROLL WITH THE BEST)